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Bild von Fabian Böttcher
  • Student/in: Fabian Böttcher
  • Studienrichtung: Produktdesign (B.A.)
  • betreut von: Prof. Manfred Wagner
  • und Dipl.-Des. André Poulheim
  • Jahrgang: WiSe 2018/2019
  • Kontakt:

Rethinking Music Creation

Can music creation be modernized for the next generation of aspiring musicians?

Bild der Arbeit "Rethinking Music Creation" von Fabian Böttcher

Making and recording music together often requires complex audio software, several devices and can get frustrating in terms of usability and complexity. The focus of this project is to investigate how users utilize their music equipment and how physical objects merge with modern digital experiences. The resulting concept is an easy-to-grasp product combination without compromising creativity. “Tone” is the minimalist symbiosis between an amplifier and a simplified audio workstation for multiple musicians. Plug in your instruments, pick your sound, start recording and play backing tracks to jam along, all controlled via app. The Interface on the device offers a haptic experience and basic functions like your favorite instrument presets for quick access. “Tone” supports up to four instruments like electric guitars, microphones and keys.

Bild der Arbeit "Rethinking Music Creation" von Fabian Böttcher Bild der Arbeit "Rethinking Music Creation" von Fabian Böttcher

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